Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources- Foresty,

Tree Management Programs

Smaller municipalities need the special skills and training of a Certified Arborist but cannot afford to bring someone with that skill set on the payroll. The Tree Consultants can serve as your municipality's Arborist on a part-time basis and keep the budget intact. 


Other Services include:

Emerald Ash Borer Readiness Planning

EAB is non-native beetle that in its larvae stage destroys the vascular system preventing the uptake of water and nutrients.


Untreated the mortality rate is 100 percent of infested trees.


Street tree inventories for budget and grant purposes.


Tree Risk Management programs and strategies for corporate campuses, commercial properties, municipalities, home owners associations (HOA) as well as for individual property owners.

Integrated Pest Management – IPM is a management approach that integrates into one coherent program all of the available strategies and methodologies in the control of unwanted pests with the least impact on non-target organisms.


IPM is an ecological approach using cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical controls.

Tree Preservation - Protocols on construction sites with existing trees.  


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