Tree Appraisals


Trees have value. This value extends beyond aesthetics.


Quantifying that value monetarily may be as simple as contacting a local nursery and determining the replacement cost of the same size and species as the lost or damaged tree. 

When trees grow beyond the size commonly sold in nurseries, other methods must be employed to ascribe monetary value for the loss.


The Size of the tree is a major component of its value. A larger tree is generally more valuable than a smaller tree of the same species.  As the saying goes, “… it takes time to become the mighty oak.”


Species of trees vary in desirability. Therefore some species are more valuable than others.


Condition, (a trees health and viability) is an important consideration in assigning value in the appraisal process. 


Location! Location! Location! 

Within the Location variable there are three distinct elements consisting of site, contribution and placement. Each component represents one third of the value of Location.  


Forensic Tree Appraisal process is the gathering sufficient evidence to determine the value of the lost tree when the tree in question is no longer available.


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