Who: Municipalities, corporate campuses, HOA, hotels and resorts, golf coursesproperty management companies, owners, property managers and organizations.


What: Best Management Practice with The Tree Consultants tree strategies and programs.


Areas of Practice:

Tree disease and insect diagnosis and treatment implementation including Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Risk Assessment, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Ash tree inventories and readiness planning, ANSI pruning standards, tree preservation and protection protocols on construction sites.


Attacks on trees can come from many sources. It can be from biotic sources such as parasitic insects, pathogenic fungi, bacteria or viruses.


Abiotic injury may occur from road deicer, pollution, chemical trespass,  mechanical injury from lawn care equipment or vehicles, lightning or fire damage.

When treatment makes sense, we use a method that injects the pesticide directly into cambium. With this method there are no wounding drill holes and the risk of accidental spilling is greatly reduced. The treatment cycle is two years. 

Arriving at an equitable and defensible  value of trees for insurance claims, casualty loss or litigation.

Inspection and evaluation of the structural condition of trees and recommendations to mitigate the risk(s).

Assist attorneys in legal cases involving trees.  We assist attorneys with litigation in the following roles: Advocacy or Testifying Expert or assist as a Consulting Forensic Expert. 

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